Monday, March 30, 2009

Lions and Lions and Lions

e heart


Suddenly, I'm surrounded by Lions! Earlier this month, just after finishing this painting, I was in the French countryside in the home of people I've just met. There in pride (ha) of place is a large pen and ink of a lion's face very like the expression in my painting. Throughout the house there was more lion art and it turns out we were in the area of the last days of King Richard the Lionheart or "Coeur de Lion." Three days later I walk out of a restroom in the Hotel Lutetia in Paris and smack in front of me is an old etching of a lion. And now as I 'm writing this I'm in Italy staying at the Mount Lion Cultural Centre, with the small town of Monteleone just up the hill. I love life, its so magical! How can you go wrong when surrounded by strong courageous lions? Bon courage!